Wrapping pallets by hand? Mais non! The French take a stand

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Many businesses are still hand wrapping pallets. Not only is this an inefficient process, leading to an increase cost of damaged goods, but it poses risks to employee health. Musculoskeletal problems and back pain are common, with costs of work-related injury amounting to 15 billion.

Using an automated pallet wrapping machine eliminates the manual task of wrapping and can significantly reduce work-related injury and warehouse staff turnover and so the French government have introduced a scheme to encourage businesses to invest in compliant pallet wrapping machines. By providing financial assistance towards a new machine in place of hand wrapping, businesses are encouraged to invest in machinery to increase warehouse productivity and significantly improve the physical health of staff. 

While this is a useful scheme, in the UK it is not necessary. The Samson Nano is a Queen’s Award-winning semi-automatic pallet wrapper launched in 2013 that has positively impacted hundreds of businesses across the country.

With the Samson Nano, all risks from hand wrapping are eliminated, with the added benefit of the machine being capex free. The unique costing system means that businesses receive the machine free of charge, whilst only paying the fixed price per wrapped pallet.

What’s more, all servicing, maintenance and repair costs are the responsibility of Samson Nano technicians so there’s no hidden costs along the way, and businesses can budget to a true cost with no advanced financial outlay.

Find out more at http://samsonnano.co.uk/


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